Juvia Lockser


Juvia Lockser

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Funny Stuff you like?

Well, They are my favorite character anime. Can you find the similarity? :3

Well actually.. I have totally move on (?) Guess who is the one who make it? Yeaah. Huh? No! It’s not it. Obviously………… HIM

Eh? what? what’s wrong with this picture? It’s cool. Look at his eyes~ Ah forget it. You won’t understand. But the most important thing, I won’t feel sad. At least for this time being

Recently, I have been playing game. Well yeah, it has good ending. But.. But… I CAN’T STOP CRYING 

It’s not like I don’t like the ending or something. Indeed, It’s wonderful story. But.. But.. 

If there is a choice to save the world, or save you. I will choose you. Because the world without you is unimaginable

Everytime I see Killua’s smilee~

I can forget about…. 

Oh crap

Oh shit 

I still can’t forget about it. 

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Ceritanya ini parodi. yang kanan shadow gua yg kiri gua. ah nevermind-,-